PS was founded as a joint venture with a German Company - SLE electronic GmbH in 1994 and is the technical centre for SLE, designing and developing test equipment for the automobile industry and OEM to SLE.  Our first product was the first of its kind SL series crimp force monitor used to monitor the quality of crimping process.  It was endorsed and used by BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen etc.; and also their first tier suppliers such as Volkswagen Bordnetze, Leoni Bordnetze, Lear, Dräxlmaier etc. In 1996, SLE was awarded for being one of the young and innovative companies in southern Germany by its economic minister.

In year 2001, in order to better support the automobile industry particularly in connector stamping, we invested in the new Automation Division to design, develop and manufacture connector stamping auxiliary equipments such as winders and decoilers. We also set up our tool room in Malaysia to support the activities here in Singapore. This localization program has helped reduce the price of our equipment by 40% compared with equipment imported from Europe or USA, and yet maintain if not better the technology and suitability for the Asia market.

The research and development team consisting software engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers drives the development effort of the company.  We design and develop micro-processor, micro-controller, digital signal processor & programmable logic device based product.  We have expertise in developing software using Borland C++ builder, MS Visual Basic, Delphi, DSP, Java, MS Access, Paradox, Oracle, SQL, BDE, ODBC, InterBase, PowerBuilder on the following platforms: DOS, Windows, Palm and Embedded System.

As the China market opens up since the 1990’s, we set up a representative office in Shanghai in 1999 to handle sales & service in China. In year 2003, Practical Solution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was set-up to produce our latest test equipment (iTET - Intelligent Electrical Tester) for the automotive cable harnessing industry. We also provide cleaning services for stamped products.


As of 3rd of March 2017, PS Wire Harnessing division has been acquired by Komax.
It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much and we look forward for your continuous support.
Communication channel will remain unchanged.


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