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A compact and user friendly portable micrograph lab, all-in-one combined with AUTOMATIC cutting + polishing module, reduce processing time to cater for the ever increasing quality demand. Stand alone Etching module and full size Imaging module that gives high quality imaging results for a clearer, more accurate cross-section analysis through SL Vision III – Evaluation & Documentation module.

STEP 1: AUTOMATIC CUTTING & POLISHINGAutomatic Cutting & Polishing

Successor to the SBL micro2.The SBL micro3 performs FASTER in speed, BETTER in results and LARGER in cross-sectioning range.

Combined in one module to save on handling time.

Equipped with SBL-3000 style double claw sample holder to secure wider range of crimps and better perpendicularity alignment.

No more manual polishing operation coz it is AUTOMATED, with guaranteed polishing results.


After the cutting and polishing process, the surface of the sample can be treated using the etching pen of the Electrolyte Etching module, creating a clear outline with good separation of the crimp barrel and the single strands.

In contrary to common etching methods, the Electrolyte Etching fluid does not use aggressive chemicals. It is environmentally-friendly and safer than traditional methods.


Standard lab size microscope for visual and analysis of cross sectional image of crimped connection.

Comes with calibration glass ruler for periodic calibration or verification of the measuring system.

STEP 4: EVALUATION & DOCUMENTATIONEvaluation & Documentation

SL Vision III software package, measuring according to international norms required by Automotive industry.

Guided measurement Wizards with image hint to guide users in making correct measurements.

Embedded Contact Inspection analyses with selectable norms (VW 60330, Renault 36-05-019/--G, PSA 9634115099).

Connects with pull testers and micrometers to obtain pull force and crimp with / crimp height measurements.

Customizable report templates.

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