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 SBL 3000



SBL 3000


In a modern production environment a fast and significant quality assurance is turning out to be a competitive factor of ever increasing importance. Especially in the production of cable harnesses, reliability and high speed are of equal concerns. 
A fast and reliable micrograph analysis saves costs and reduces rejects. The SLE micrograph laboratory family analyzes and documents the quality of crimp connections by means of brilliant color photographs. Micrographs are indispensable for the release of new crimp contacts and crimping tools. Like all the other proven SLE systems micrograph laboratories are another component for state-of-the-art quality engineering. 

Short processing time between 3 - 5 minutes

Easy to use and operator-friendly  

Reproducible sample preparation
Suitable for modulare extensions
Significant micrographs
Re-clamping of the sample not necessary
Wet cutting /-grinding, thereby
- Bonding of the cutting- and grinding dust
- Long lifetime of the consumables
- No influence to the sample due to heat during cutting
Space-saving and ergonomic design
Cutting bandwidth between 0,05 mm² up to 30x60 mm

Samples to be processed: terminals, housings, embedded samples, 
IDC-connectors, coax terminals, etc.
Precise optics & high-resolution color camera, suitable for the application
Example vertical adjustable to the intersection of axes

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