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SBL automaticS


Our new Micrograph Laboratory relies on proven SLE technology – and reduces handling time significantly. Continuous preparation of micrographs up to one per minute is possible. This is realised by the use of a fully automated transport system. The fast, laser supported fixation of the samples allows an accurate setting of the inspection position. 
There is no re-clamping of samples – SL SBL automaticS cuts and polishes the samples automatically. The samples arrive at the evaluation position, where distinctive micrographs are being generated and analysed. 

Short single cycle time of approx. 90s for cutting & grinding

Possible clock cycle of 1 micrograph per minute

Automatic feeder

Reproducible sample preparation

Sample range: 0,08 mm² up to 6 mm²

Accurate alignment of sample surface through laser

No re-clamping of samples

Wet cutting and grinding process for improved lifetime

Cooling lubricant ties abrasion and pollutants
Regrinding possible
No manipulation by user when cutting and grinding
Adapted feed speeds for cutting and grinding process
Integrated etching system
Integrated evaluation system
Small footprint: approx. 1100x320x485mm (L x H x W)

Power supply: 230V AC, 50/60Hz

Saw blade Ø 50mm x 0,5mm HM

Grinding paper Ø 200mm, 9 micron
Weight approx. 35kg

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